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The True Damage That Comes from Extracting a Tooth

Posted on 2/10/2019 by Beautiful Smiles Office
The True Damage That Comes from Extracting a ToothWhen it comes to dental treatment, extraction should always be the last resort. Sure, there are times where the only viable option for treating a highly diseased or damaged tooth is extraction.

However, whenever possible, we want to retain the natural tooth. Otherwise, your oral health could be impacted, especially if you fail to get a new restoration in a timely manner.

Shifting Teeth

When one tooth is missing in your mouth, the rest of your teeth often shift their position. This is especially true of the teeth adjacent to the gap, as they may migrate into the open space. This can cause your once straight smile to look crooked and misaligned. You may need orthodontic treatment or other restorations to correct the damage.

Cavities and Decay

A consequence of shifting teeth is an increased risk of decay and cavities. Crooked teeth are harder to clean, as it becomes difficult for your toothbrush and floss to access each portion of the tooth. This can allow plaque to accumulate, and bacteria will create acids that eat away at the enamel.

Jaw Bone Loss

The roots of your teeth serve an important role in maintaining a healthy jaw bone. The roots stimulate the bone, but once they are gone after an extraction, this process ends. While a dental implant can help, it is always best to retain the natural tooth. Jaw bone loss could change the shape of your face, and if too much bone is lost, you may not be a candidate for an implant in the future.

Whenever your teeth are severely damaged, you should always consider all your options before you settle on extraction. A root canal may be able to treat the diseased and damaged portions of your tooth, allowing you to save it. Call us today to learn more about how we can save your smile.
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