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How a Transparent Drink Can Still Stain Your Teeth

Posted on 10/20/2019 by Beautiful Smiles Office
How a Transparent Drink Can Still Stain Your TeethThe brightness of your smile depends a lot more on what you put into your mouth than you might think. In fact, what you drink has a huge impact on how easily your teeth stain.

The Main Causes of Stains

The enamel of your teeth will naturally change over the course of your life. It's like a piece of pottery that develops some fine lines over time. The stains will find their way into the crevices and cracks. So what causes these stains?

The first major cause is the chromogen, which is any compound with a strong pigment. The pigment will adhere to the enamel of the teeth and cause it to get stained. The second cause is the tannin, which is a plant based compound which, while not staining the teeth directly, makes it easier for them to get stained.

Finally, we have acids, which will soften the teeth and eat into the enamel, making it easier for stains to set themselves into the teeth. Many drinks we are told to avoid will contain chromogens, such as coffee, and will also be highly acidic. However, did you know that even colorless drinks can stain your teeth?

Colorless Drinks

If you drink cola a lot, then your teeth will gradually turn yellow. It doesn't matter whether the soda is super dark or super clear. They all contain incredibly high levels of acid, which will soften your teeth and make it easier for other stains to set in. Dark cola will additionally have chromogens, which will stain your teeth.

In fact, any drink that is high in acid content will stain your teeth, including carbonated drinks, such as sparkling water. The acid content is enough to lead to stained teeth, regardless of the color of the drink. It is important to avoid drinks that are harmful to your oral health if you really value your smile. Avoid drinks high in acid content, even when they're clear, and your teeth will thank you for it!
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