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Mouth Guards
Dentist Woodland, CA

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Mouthguards Night

Night mouth guards are ideal for people who grind their teeth at night. This condition of clenching, grinding, or gnawing the teeth is known as bruxism. It can also contribute to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. Because it affects your teeth, this is usually an unfavorable and uncomfortable situation. The major challenge with bruxism is that there is no cure, it is most often a result of stress. A custom-fitted night mouth guard is the best solution. If you grind your teeth at night, visit to get a personalized night mouth guard to protect your teeth.

Advantages of Night Mouth Guards

A night mouth guard protects your teeth from damage while also preventing plaque accumulation. Grinding and clenching of the teeth, unknowingly while sleeping, can cause unwanted damage to teeth and gums, potentially increasing the likelihood of periodontal disease, as well as loosening dental fillings and dental crowns.

To avoid harming your teeth, you should seek advice from our dentist on getting a night mouth guard. Chronic headaches are preventable by wearing night mouth guards. This is due to the fact that severe headache is one of the common symptoms of bruxism, which is linked to strained muscles in the neck, jaw, shoulders, and lips. A custom-made night mouth guard helps to reduce chronic headaches as tensing ends.

Perforations in most night mouth guards let saliva reach the teeth and gums. Saliva has an important role in the mouth because it helps to neutralize acids that can cause cavities. Saliva also helps prevent plaque formation by cleansing the mouth of all food particles.

Types of Night Mouth Guards

Custom-made night guards, hard night guards, and over-the-counter guards are three kinds of night mouth guards. Because they provide a personalized solution, custom night guards are the most popular and most effective mouth guards. They are made from an impression of your teeth. Our dentist will customize a night mouth guard for you using professional procedures and materials. As a result, these guards are more durable, comfortable, and tailor-made.

Hard night guards are built from acrylic materials, making them robust and durable. These mouthguards are ideal for treating TMJ and excessive teeth clenching and grinding. They also prevent your teeth from shifting, helping your jaw muscles to relax.

On the other hand, over-the-counter guards usually are pre-made to fit any mouth. They come in a variety of styles, including boil-and-bite night guards that you may soften with hot water for a precise fit. However, never wear these night mouth guards for an extended amount of time because they can shift your bite.

What to Look for in a Night Mouth Guard

The purpose of your night mouth guard is to protect you from clenching and grinding your teeth together while you sleep. Make sure your night mouth guard is comfortable. Night mouth guards that are uncomfortable are detrimental because you will not enjoy wearing them. Furthermore, the type of night mouth guard that is best for you is determined by your dental condition. The best night mouth guard is custom fitted because they are produced from an impression of your teeth. For proper night mouth guard customization, visit Beautiful Smiles.

Mouthguards for Sports

Another type of mouthguard is mouthguards used during athletic activities. Sports mouth guards are devices that athletes wear in their mouths to safeguard their teeth from oral injuries. They shield their gums, teeth, tongue, and cheeks if a collision or fall happens while playing. Mouth guards were once primarily used by boxers, but they are now widely used in a variety of sports. This is because technological advancements have allowed these devices to be customized. Mouth guards for sports come in various types, including custom-fitted and over-the-counter options.

Custom-fit mouth guards provide superior tooth protection over generic one-size-fits-all mouth guards you can purchase at the grocery store. A good mouth guard should offer optimal comfort, be easy to clean and be tear-resistant. Furthermore, a quality mouth guard should not obstruct speech or prevent you from breathing properly. At Beautiful Smiles we can create a custom-made sports mouth guard for you.

Who Needs a Sports Mouth Guard?

Despite how careful you are, accidents are unavoidable, and preventing them is preferred over treating them. As a result, anyone who participates in any sport, both adults and children, need a strong mouth guard to safeguard their teeth and mouth from injuries. Mouth guards protect you from broken or chipped teeth, nerve damage, and tooth loss.

People who participate in contact sports such as hockey, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, boxing, and basketball must wear mouth guards for their overall mouth protection. Also, suppose you or your child engages in leisure activities such as mountain biking, skateboarding, gymnastics, or other physical activities that could lead to mouth injuries. In that case, it is recommended that you wear a sports mouth guard to protect your mouth from falling injuries.

How Do You Care for Your Mouth Guard?

Proper care for your sports mouth guard is crucial as it will enhance its ability to shield you better and increase its durability. Since your mouth is full of bacteria, make sure your teeth are clean whenever you wish to use your mouth guard. Before and after using your mouth guard, rinse it with cold water. Also, when washing your guard, scrub it lightly with mild soap and a toothbrush.

Allow the mouth guard to air dry after you've finished cleaning it. To avoid interfering with its shape, avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures such as direct sunshine, hot surfaces, hot water, or any severe heat. Put your mouth guard in a strong, perforated plastic case when traveling or not in use.

Keep your mouth guard where your pets can't reach and make sure it is free of ordinary wear and tear.

How Frequent Should You Replace Your Sports Mouth Guard?

Do not hesitate to replace your mouth guard if it gets uncomfortable, loose, or if it has tears or holes. Kids and teens should have their mouthguards replaced after each season, as their mouths are still growing. You can visit our dentist to have your mouth guard examined. Mouth guards purchased over the counter are not long-lasting and do not fit properly. Custom-fitted mouthguards, on the other hand, are comfortable and last longer.

Mouthguards Available at Beautiful Smiles

At Beautiful Smiles we provide custom-made night mouthguards and personalized sports mouthguards. Call to schedule an appointment at (530) 206-9211 for a dental exam and to have your custom mouthguard made.

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