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Porcelain Crowns
Woodland, CA

Rendering of a jaw with a porcelain dental crown from Beautiful Smiles - James Yang, DDS in Woodland, CAAt Beautiful SmilesA dental crown is a tooth-shaped prosthetic that serves as a cap placed over damaged or unstable teeth, with the goal of restoring functionality and aesthetics. At Beautiful Smiles we offer crowns as a restorative solution for a range of dental concerns faced by our patients. Crowns can be used to alter the cosmetic appearance of teeth. They are also used to cap dental implants.

Dental crowns can be made with a variety of materials, including porcelain and resin. They generally do not require any specialized maintenance outside of good oral hygiene.

Dental Crown Basics

The dental crown has long been the go-to solution for patients in need of restoring a tooth that has been damaged, previously restored, or perhaps could benefit from a new look. The crown fits snug over the tooth, to restore its size, shape, appearance, and strength.

The crown itself can extend past the gumline. However, the majority serve as a replacement for the crown of the natural tooth. Once the crown has been cemented to the tooth, it will completely encase the natural tooth.

Crowns are designed to fit each tooth with precision. Measurements and impressions will be taken by our dentist. The shape of the natural tooth may be altered somewhat, so that you are assured of a comfortable fit and restored bite when the crown is in place.

Do I Really Need A Crown?

The dental crown serves several functions that are each an important part of your continued dental wellness. A crown will be able to protect teeth that may be weakened, or may have gone through an invasive restorative treatment. Crowns can also provide sturdy support for a dental bridge. Some of the other common reasons for needing a crown include aligning your bite, leveling the shape and color of your teeth, protecting weakened teeth, and to cover a dental implant.

What Dental Crowns Are Made From

The process of making a crown is called milling. Crowns are milled from a variety of materials. This includes resin, ceramic, and a combination of metal and porcelain. The crown that is the best option for your tooth will depend on several factors that are unique to your needs.
The material used for your crown will also depend on where the crown will be placed.

The Dental Crown Process

The process for dental crowns can vary slightly based upon the reason for needing the crown. Generally speaking, it takes two separate appointments to complete the process. The very first step taken will be to ensure that the tooth is healthy and is no longer at risk of further damage from decay.

Teeth that have had a large filling or have needed root canal therapy will need to be stabilized. The crown offers this stabilization for the remaining structure of the tooth. If the tooth will be providing support for a dental bridge, it will need to be prepared for the crown. This could involve removing some of the structure of the tooth so that you are assured of a snug fit.

Impressions will be made of the natural tooth and the teeth that surround it. These impressions will be sent to the laboratory so that the crown can be milled. The tooth will need to be protected until the permanent crown is ready. Our dentist will place a temporary crown on top of the tooth, to protect it.

Once the permanent crown is ready, you will return to our office for a follow up appointment. The temporary crown will be removed during this appointment. The permanent crown will be placed atop the tooth and carefully positioned. Any small adjustments will be made, and the crown will be cemented to the tooth.

It can take a little bit of time to adjust to the way that the crown feels. However, it will look and function just like your natural tooth once did.

To find out more about crowns and how they can benefit your smile, make an appointment with us at Beautiful Smiles, by calling (530) 206-9211.
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